About Us

the tile floor in our lobby

What’s in a name?

The name Design by Five was created because of our unique five-step approach to each project. This five-step approach means you get a comprehensive design solution every time:

  1. Research is critical.
    Because we have extensive experience in financial services, we’ll ask the right questions to give you what you want and need.
  2. Strategy works.
    If you've found one, we'll make sure that your materials reflect it. If you need one, we'll help you develop it.
  3. Design.
    Design drives your message home. We create the right look:  credible without being dull, arresting without being too flashy.
  4. Brand management.
    Brand management keeps your message memorable -- and consistent.  We can sustain your look and feel through your entire marketing portfolio – from brochure to advertising to website to stationary.
  5. Production.
    Production delivers the goods. Fast, high-quality turnarounds are our specialty.